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Cellule du soleil

my friends always tell me my poetry is beautiful. but for me,it is just an e-mail. serious,sober realistic mail,ha. i thought i had to learn foreign language more several months ago. now,i think i want to enjoy my broken english till "hea…

Des journées entières dans les arbres

Anniversaire de lloy

model : Yuko (lloy) hair & make up : Kaori Nukima photo : Yokna Hasegawa 6.1はlloyの日。yukoちゃんが数日前に買ってきてくれた芍薬がすごく綺麗で、いい匂いだった!yukoちゃんには、花言葉や花の名前を教えてもらったり、小鳥を見にお散歩したりする…