Searching For A Feeling








 “So many people of the strange kind / Telling you just what to do with your mind” 
“You have gotta get up / Gotta get out / Gotta make the change / Bring it back to focus”


searching for a feeling、もう何度聴いたかわからない、もっと遅いバージョンしか最近まで聴いたことなくて、印象が強くなかった。私には、Station M.X.J.Y.のこの速すぎる感じがグッとくる。ハイテンションで強いメッセージの途中の間奏に入る時、確かにこういうfeelingを、いたるところで感じている、と思う。少しすれば忘れてしまうようなゆったりして切実極まりない孤独の感じも、様々な音が軽薄なのに誠実に絡み合っていく感じも。 



Claire Denis's new Sci-Fi film..."High Life".

I want to see the most sensual faces of the space ever.


I'm sure Denis will make new masterpiece. 



I don't know why but I remembered the beauty of the thin red line spreads horizontally whole sky vividly ,around it there is gradation color between orange and blue.
I saw it from airplane maybe above the field of korea.

I tried but I couldn't catch it by my camera.

and I just thought "if i were a chick in the hatching egg,the first world  from the crack must look like this."