Cellule du soleil









my friends always tell me my poetry is beautiful.

but for me,it is just an e-mail. serious,sober realistic mail,ha.

i thought i had to learn foreign language more several months ago.

now,i think i want to enjoy my broken english till "heat death",the moment

the level,that

i v held my message and my english tightly. 

like fake oneness.

i want to enjoy to be broken or break.

because through this slit,some amazing thing come in.

like angels

of el greco

drops and waves

comme la lumière

btw i couldn't remember how we met in the previous time.

because i'm such a spritual person,if i could feel destiny,i always make retrospective and search my upstream of memory even before my carnal things.

i wonder we are scientist and laboratory animal?

because i am always happy and filled with not linguistic time.


you helped me.

other side.

without desire.

like others blood.

it undulates

and try to melt myself.

i wanted to bark like "Bow-wow"!

as honesty

aka joy

comme les Amants du Pont-Neuf.

but after all i can't know and i won't be able to know forever in this life.

why and how

sun knows about it?

because it is the king of our system.

my friend let me know everything goes dying by this heat.

between cold and hot.

between parallel and parallel.

hold a hand

in the harmony and confusion

closer / further

meet and meet again.

i can see a double bow-shaped world.

anyway i enjoy

being one of ton of cells of sun,